Welcome fellow non-creatives

This blog is for all those people who describe themselves as ‘not really that creative’. I know you are out there in droves.

Like me, you wish you were born with a big streak of creativity so that you could make beautiful things, or draw, or paint.

Until recently I hadn’t thought of myself as a creative person. I have no particular artistic skills and some days it’s all I can do to dress neatly, let alone with flair. But recently I have begun to realise that I am actually a little bit creative. And miracle of miracles, the more I think of myself as creative the more creative I become. It’s amazing.

I’m starting to understand that being creative is as much a case of how we see ourselves, rather than as how we actually are.

So I figured that if I could change into a ‘slightly creative’ person, then so can you. Come along for the ride and we’ll see what happens.


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