Step 3 – Start doing something creative

Advertising campaign showing the fictional Nau...

Advertising campaign showing the fictional Nauga character. Note that the Nauga’s skin is made of vinyl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow that sounds easy doesn’t it? Do things you like and don’t worry about what people think. I’m here to say it really is that easy.

Don’t anticipate that what you create will be fantastic from the word go. It might be. It might not. It doesn’t actually matter. My lack of attempts in the past are a direct result of worrying about what people will think and thinking that what I am creating needs to be perfect (or at least pretty darned good).

If writing is your thing, start writing. If hat making is your thing, start making hats. Do what ever you like, just do it (as the famous advertising campaign tells us).

Have a go, as they say here in Australia. What have you got to lose after all?

One of my creative exploits is this blog. I might change the blog theme  randomly. I might use crazy fonts, or write poetry or upload my Uni assignments. I’m quite excited now. It’s quite liberating.


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