Should I apologise?

I’d like to start by asking you a question – should a blogger apologise for their lack of blog posts?

I’m asking you this because I recently received a lovely message from Khoi Vinh ( a pretty famous Design Director who used to work at the New York Times) expressing his profound regret for the lack of activity on his blog. I was pretty impressed by this because I am aware that his life has been a little busy of late, due to the arrival of his beautiful twin sons. I forgave him instantly, even though I don’t actually know him and he doesn’t know me. I feel like it mattered to him that he had not had a chance to write. He felt that he had let his subscribers down, even though he had a brilliant excuse.

Sometimes I subscribe to new blogs and am disappointed when nothing arrives in my mailbox. Don’t they care that I have recently joined their band of followers and want some ‘good stuff’?  In other words, I’m looking for thought-provoking, well written content that I can absorb and hopefully mull over when I’m bored. How selfish!

Why do I have this expectation that another busy person has the time and energy to constantly feed me with good quality content, especially when I have been so lax myself?

I don’t always react like this though… I have also received posts from people apologising for their lack of activity and I must admit to thinking that they were a bit full of themselves. Do they really think I had noticed that they hadn’t posted lately. Did they promise me anything when I signed up? Probably not.

So now we get to me (as you knew we would). I haven’t posted for a while but I’m sure it matters not a whit to the world. I don’t have any subscribers (maybe just one lovely follower – hello you), still I feel like I’ve been letting people down – weird isn’t it?

So in my wholly self-centred way, I vow to post more regularly, just in case there’s anyone out there.

Please keep in mind that every blogger loves to see comments so if you have something to say, please be brave and leave a reply.


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