Are you investing in yourself?

The other day I had to make a big decision about whether or not to subscribe to I’m sure you have probably heard of Lynda. It’s a subscription service where you can access tutorials on just about any aspect of computing, software development, and website design and development. It’s the place to go if you want to educate yourself.

What I didn’t know was that they also have a whole bunch of management courses and more. So at approximately $25 a month you can teach yourself just about anything, except perhaps brain surgery!

So you must be wondering why I had to think long and hard about this investment? I am lucky enough to have a job so it’s not as if I can’t afford it. Most people I know spend more than that on their mobile phone plan. One issue was whether or not I would actually use it as I am pretty busy most of the time, but really the main issue was whether or not I was prepared to invest in my future.

I can live and work and do most things perfectly well without constantly need to learn new things, and I read too much to get left too far behind on the technology front, but I like learning new things. I guess I am something of a self education junkie.

I know that we are constantly being told that we should invest in a new face cream or a hair dye because ‘we’re worth it’, and I hope I wasn’t just persuaded by the very compelling copywriting on the Lynda website, but I’ve signed up for at least the next month.

I really believe that investing in yourself is worthwhile. So yes, I am worth it. Are you investing yourself?


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