Can you be creative on demand?

I have a job where I am often asked to come up with something creative or innovative. This makes me laugh. Some days I want to say no, I don’t feel like being creative today, or sorry, I’m all out of creative ideas today, come back tomorrow. But really, is it so hard to be creative? Don’t we all do it every day in some small way?

When you think about it, just being alive is a creative pursuit and there are plenty of ways to be creative in your own small way every day. You can start by just changing things slightly. Try putting something different on your toast in the morning, walk to work a different way, wear something different, adopt a different persona at work. I like to mix things up by being cheerful in the lift on a Monday morning. It’s tremendous fun because everyone is so gloomy. All you need to do is get into the lift and wish everyone a cheery good morning. It really freaks people out (but in a good way) and it can make their day. Before you know it, you will have a reputation for being creative and all you’ve done is have fun. Try it and let me know what happens…

The world is not divided into creative people and non-creative people. Its divided into people who are willing to try things and people who aren’t. All you need to do is have a go and see what happens.



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