Fighting against negativity

One of my hobbies is playing in a brass band (a bit weird I know) but it’s something I enjoy very much. We are currently rehearsing for a big competition to be held at Easter and to be honest I am struggling a little. The music is very difficult and I feel like I am way out of my depth. On top of this I have acquired a new, larger mouthpiece for my instrument which will improve my sound, but makes it harder for me to play the notes accurately. In other words, it’s different and it’s harder and I’m feeling very negative about it all.

I think the musical director was sensing my lack of confidence because he sent me a text message this morning to tell me to keep practising. I’ve blogged before about the necessity of practice, and about having faith in your own abilities, but it is really hard when you get into a way of thinking that is negative. I think the biggest battle we face is against the voices in our heads which tell us to give up and go home. I know we have to fight against it, but some days are harder than others, so it’s good to be reminded that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

I’m grateful for the encouragement I’m receiving and I’d  like to encourage you to keep going with whatever you are trying to achieve. As Conrad said to me…

“Don’t let the doubting voice penetrate your performance”.

I’m off to practise now, what about you?


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