Blogging challenge: day two

Well here we are at day two of my self-imposed blogging challenge and already I’m wondering whether it will be too much for you if I blog every day? I am acutely aware that when I receive too many posts from some of the blogs I subscribe to, that I have been inclined to unsubscribe because I feel like I am being inundated with things to read.

Lots of people have commented on the fact that there is a sweet spot to blogging. You need to post just the right amount of times during the week so that people look forward to reading what you have to say. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks situation, you have to get it just right or you lose people. And truth be told, dear readers, is that I can’t afford to lose any of my lovely subscribers as there aren’t that many of you. Even if there were, I think I would find it disappointing if I noticed that a whole bunch of people had suddenly unsubscribed.

This led me to thinking about why people subscribe to blogs in the first place. What motivates this? Is it the thought of being entertained, amazed or inspired, or is it just curiosity to see what other people are writing about? Even worse is the possibility that it is just a form of escapism that stops us from coming to grips with the realities of our own lives. (I don’t think this is true, except maybe when I am very tired and can’t be bothered getting doing anything – in this case, it’s definitely pure escapism).

I am subscribed to numerous blogs that interest me. Sometimes I read everything they write, sometimes their posts only get a cursory glance to see if it’s a topic that interests me. It can be something of an achievement to get me to read right to the end of a post and I especially hate those ‘read more’ buttons. I’m not sure why, they just annoy me. If I’ve read the first three paragraphs of an article I feel like I should be able to read the rest without pushing any buttons.

So I hope my once a day blogging challenge does not annoy or irritate you and that you’ll stay with me. I would be tremendously interested in having a discussion about why you subscribe to this blog or even just blogs in general and exactly what it is that you are looking for. Care to comment?


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