Blogging challenge: day six

Is staring at a blank screen harder than staring at a blank page? I don’t think so.

A screen is quite inviting with its little blinking cursor, but a page just looks like an endless ocean of white.

Writing into a computer has the added advantage of being so much easier to erase and I find this comforting. It’s so easy to delete an imperfect sentence or to re-phrase an idea. The permanence of writing pen on paper just plain scares me and I can really only manage to do any creative writing when I’m using a pencil.

This hasn’t stopped me from acquiring a very large collection of different coloured pens in the vain hope that they will inspire me to actually site down and write something.

That gets me to the purpose of this writing challenge. The idea is to write every day, regardless of whether I am tired or whether I am in the mood. I need to be more businesslike in my approach and stop waiting for inspiration to strike. I have spent way too long thinking about writing and not nearly enough time actually writing. I’ve put too much emphasis on producing something ‘good’ and not enough time on just producing something. It’s quite exciting really. After all there’s only you and me here, so there’s nothing to fear.

How are you travelling with your own creative endeavours? Why not jump in and set yourself a challenge?


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