Blogging challenge: day twelve

I’ve just started reading a book by Eric Maisel called “Creativity for Life” which is making me feel slightly anxious and a bit fluttery in the tummy. I don’t know if you have ever had this feeling? It’s the feeling you get when you read the work of someone who is able to capture ideas so perfectly that you wonder if you should just give up writing.

Rather than be daunted by these feelings, I thought I would just share some of his ideas – after all, if you yearn to be more creative, some of these ideas may resonate with you.

Maisel, a well-known creativity coach begins by talking about the different ways we can have a creative life. In the broadest sense, having a creative life encompasses having hobbies and pastimes, for example cooking, sewing and creating lovely things. People who see themselves as creative enjoy solving problems and like learning new skills. They see life as a challenge, rather than a chore. This can also be described as having a growth mindset. Maisel refers to this as being an ‘everyday creative’.

Everyday creatives love to surround themselves with beautiful things, they like interesting ideas, books, people and places, but there’s a whole other kind of creativity which revolves around having expertise in a specific field. Mastery requires a whole different set of skills, including persistence and patience. It’s the difference between imagining yourself as a writer and actually becoming a successful writer (or painter or artist). It’s the difference between daydreaming and sheer hard work.

Which one are you?




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