Blogging challenge: day fourteen

It’s a myth that creative people are lonely reclusive types, or that they don’t need friends. All the creative people I know have lots of friends and some of them are quite outgoing (in a thoughtful kind of way).

The kinds of relationships that creative people need can be classified into three broad groups and today I’d like to focus on the first group – supporters.

Supporters are people who admire what you do and provide you with positive feedback, regardless of what you do or how good or terrible your work is. They tend to be uncritical about your efforts and think that whatever you do is fantastic.

I am lucky enough to have some friends in this group and it’s great if you can find at least one person who fits this description. This is the person you should turn to when you are feeling low because they will give you total unconditional support.

Do you have anyone who fits this description in your life? I think that for most people, that person already exists, but maybe they are too shy to tell you or maybe they don’t know that you need their support. It can be helpful to talk openly about what you need. If you have a conversation with someone who you think really admires and supports you, let them know how important this is to you and you might find that they really enjoy this role and become even more supportive.


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