Blogging challenge: day twenty

I have a folder on my desktop called ‘things to do one day’.

This is what’s inside:

  1. A half-finished PhotoShop file of some text effects I was trying re-create when I was teaching myself PhotoShop.
  2. A very badly designed menu that I was going to re-do as an example of how to apply basic design principles.
  3. A flyer for a ukulele workshop that has broken every design rule that exists, including using about eight ugly and incompatible fonts. Again I was going to use this as an example of what not to do on my other Design Basics blog.
  4. A complete set of slides that someone sent me because they are so atrocious. I’m not sure what I was planning to do with these, perhaps use them in a course that I sometimes teach on PowerPoint design.
  5. A slide I made one day when I was learning how to use PPT shapes. I never actually used this slide, even though it took me about three hours to make it. I still like it though, so I’ve included it in this post. Let me know what you think…
What does this tell me about myself?

I like to teach myself to do things, but I often give up before I have really mastered the new skill. Whilst I like learning, I lack the persistence it takes to become proficient. On the upside, this is something that I can work on.

It also tells me that I am quite critical of others (and myself). I’m not sure that this is a completely bad thing, but it’s not necessarily something that everyone welcomes. I need to be careful not to hurt people’s feelings.

Do you have a list of projects that you are going to tackle one day? What is stopping you from starting them right now?


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