Blogging challenge: day twenty-five

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 6.08.51 pm

It’s been a beautiful warm sunny day here and I’ve spent the afternoon at the park listening to the local symphony orchestra give a free concert. It was wonderful. Not only did my body get a chance to relax, but so did my brain.

There’s a lot to be said for taking some time out from your usual routine and doing something a little bit different that is conducive to creativity.

It won’t be news to you that playing music can help you come up with ideas, but have you ever wondered why? After all, one would think that music would just distract you from concentrating, don’t you think?

Well it turns out that having music at just the right level can help you concentrate and encourage a creative flow. According to this article, a high level of noise can be annoying and distracting (I think we’d all agree with that) but the right level of ambient noise can help us focus on the task at hand.

I personally use music to stop my brain from working overtime. I find that mostly my problem revolves around thinking too much, rather than thinking too little. The trouble is that I tend to think about things that I can’t change, rather than coming up with creative solutions (which is what I would like to do).

My favourite music is piano music (especially Chopin). What about you? Do you have a favourite track to get you in a creative space?


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