Blogging challenge: day twenty-nine

How do we get ideas? Is it true that creative thinking originates in one side of the brain? My answer is no.

It drives me crazy when people talk about left-brain and right-brain thinking, especially when they value one type of thinking over another. It’s a myth that we use one side of our brain for anything, let alone for complex activities such as having ideas.

The truth is that both sides of our brains work together to produce new ideas. While its true that different parts of the brain might be used for different functions, they are never just working away on their own.

It’s also true that creative people are not especially talented. They might just be people who understand that it’s okay to daydream and it’s okay to try things and fail. Creative people are just willing to take a few risks and try out a few ideas. They are not special, they are just like you and me.



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