Starting is easy, it’s keeping going that’s hard

Yesterday I received an email from a long lost friend. I found this to be wonderful for two reasons:

1. Even though your horoscope often tells you that you’ll be contacted by a long lost friend  it never seems to actually happen, so I’m glad it did.

2. I really like this person and I was just wondering the other day what had happened to her. How has her life turned out? Was she happy?

Fortunately the answer to the second question is YES! Apart from a few of the normal things that happen to people in life, she’s pretty happy I think. One of the lovely things about her getting in touch was that she had taken the trouble to read all of the posts on my other blog and make some comments about them. How amazing! This email arrived just at the point where I was wondering if there was any point to writing a blog? After all, no-one really responds (apart from my relatives and very close friends). Not even you – yes I’m actually talking to you now!

It made me think that it is really easy to start something new, but it’s really hard to keep going. Anyone can go along to the gym or walk to work and have a salad for lunch but it takes real commitment to keep walking to work and eating salad day after day. This is where the real commitment comes in, and sadly it’s something that many of us struggle with. Over and over again I find myself making resolutions about being more committed , more focussed and just plain better at everything, and over and over again I find myself failing and then feeling bad about it.

What’s to be done?

Okay, so I think the first thing is to be a little bit kind to yourself. After all, life is a bit rocky sometimes and we can’t be awesome all of the time. Secondly (and I’m being a bit contradictory here) don’t be so kind to yourself that you let yourself off the hook. You do need to keep going and keep trying new things and working hard. It’s a balancing act between kindness and self-improvement.

Any thoughts?


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