Why I’ll never be famous

Like a lot of bloggers, I have spent a good part of the last few years thinking that one day I’ll be discovered and as a result I’ll become famous in my own small way. I know in my heart of hearts that this is nothing but a silly daydream. For a start, my fantasy doesn’t even get as far as working out what I’ll become famous for.

My blog is a hotchpotch of ideas with no discernible theme or focus and I don’t even post consistently, which is the number one rule for a successful blog. Even worse, I’m not particularly fond of being the focus of attention. Although I have done quite a bit of public speaking and I’ve presented to quite large groups, I am still pretty nervous about being in the limelight and prefer a backstage role. I like to work behind the scenes to help other people look good. So there is no real reason for me wanting a little bit of fame.

When I examine this idea a bit more closely I realise that it’s not really fame that I am seeking, it’s really a much deeper need to say something that matters. I imagine that for many of us, what we want is to be influential in some way. We want our ideas to make a difference to the world.

This is difficult in a world that is crowded with ideas and where everyone wants to be seen as a ‘thought leader’. I had the opportunity to hear quite a well known person speak at a work conference this week and I think that many people in the room regarded this person as a thought leader. She certainly spoke very well but I felt that her talk was merely a collection of borrowed ideas rehashed and rebranded for the audience. What I wanted was something fresh and new. I wanted to have my preconceived ideas poked and prodded. I wanted to be challenged to think deeply or differently about how to be a good leader, however this was sadly missing.

It’s hard to be influential and even harder to be original. Whilst I subscribe to the idea that everyone has a unique view of the world and can therefore always add their own personal take on any issue, I am mindful that people are busy so you need to have something interesting or provocative to say if you are going to take up their valuable time.

These musings have led me to think really seriously about what this blog is for. Whilst it’s primarily an outlet for ideas I’d like to share, on a more fundamental level it’s intended to be encouraging. I feel very strongly that many people have skills and talents that remain unexplored because they afraid of failure. In my case, my creative outlet is writing. I like writing but I find it quite difficult to express myself as well as I would like to. My hope is that if I keep on practicing I’ll improve over time. I am led to believe that this is true of most creative endeavours!

It would be enormously helpful if any of you would care to share your ideas with me. I would particularly like to know what areas you struggle with and if there is anything I can do to help you? Maybe you lack confidence or don’t know quite where to start? I’d be really interested to get some feedback from you.


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