Working through a slump

_TeaI’ve had a pretty bad week this week and it’s left me kind of tired and grumpy and feeling a bit flat about everything. I know that life has its ups and downs and there are plenty off people worse off than me, but I’m still struggling to regain my normally fairly chirpy disposition.

One of our beautiful greyhounds had to be put to sleep as he had cancer and things at work are a bit ho-hum as well so all in all, not the best week.

What should I do to feel better?

I’ve been thinking about things that will make me feel better so I thought I’d share some ideas with you in case you are struggling with life as well.
My first strategy was to drink too much alcohol. I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone as it really just leaves you feeling worse the next day. Alcohol is a depressant so if you’re feeling glum its not the best solution. It helps you get to sleep but then you wake with a raging thirst and just lie in bed mulling over your problems. Not a good strategy.

My second solution was to watch a lot of videos. This stops you thinking too much but is ultimately not terribly productive. I watched about 10 episodes of ‘Orphan Black’ which started off being really amazing and got really silly by the end.

Now I am wondering if the best idea is to just live with it for a few days and try to be nice to myself. I don’t feel as though this is giving in, it’s more about giving myself the chance to sit quietly and reflect on what’s important and not important. I know it sounds a bit cliched, but what matters is always about relationships and never about achievements or money. Funny that….

I’ve come to the conclusion that things will get better, but it will just take time.

I would be really interested in hearing from you if you have any suggestions for getting through a rough patch.



2 thoughts on “Working through a slump

  1. MarketaDee says:

    Seeing this a bit late, sorry to hear you had some rough times. I find that removing myself from the source of stress helps, if possible. I stuff my ipod n my ears and go for a run, it defo makes me better. Fave songs fill my head, I play it very loud. I’ve been reading up on mindfulness a bit, too. But you’re right, things do have the tendency to get better with time :-).

    • Margaret says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I like to play music very loud or listen to podcasts but I sometimes worry that I’m just avoiding the issue. I might start to think of it as taking a break from stress instead!

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