Bouncing back

flat stanleyOne of my favourite childhood books was Flat Stanley. Written by Jeff Brown and published in 1964, this lovely book tells the story of Stanley Lambchop and his younger brother Arthur. The book eventually became a series but in the original story Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board that is hanging above his bed for the purpose of displaying pictures and posters. Rather than being dismayed by his altered state, Stanley makes the best of his new flatness and uses it to his advantage. He soon discovers that he can enter locked rooms by sliding under the door and can visit friends by being mailed to various destinations in an envelope. This was always my favourite part of the story.

Eventually Stanley gets tired of being flat and asks his father to pump him up with a bicycle pump, so the book has a happy ending.

What I like about this story is that even when flattened by an unfortunate freak accident Stanley is able to make the best of his new situation. Having spent the last week or so mulling over a few aspects of my life, I feel like I’m bouncing back at last.


2 thoughts on “Bouncing back

  1. Malini says:

    Happy to hear that. I was going to recommend a movie to you – Romantics Anonymous. It’s a French feel good flick. I really enjoyed it.

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