One left foot

converse sneaker

One day a woman in Western Australia found a whole collection of brand new sneakers in a dumpster near the shopping centre. There were all popular brands but there was only one of each size and colour. She asked around and found that they had been part of a display at the front of one of the shoe-shop but no-one seemed to know where the matching pairs had gone, so they’d been discarded.

Being a resourceful and creative woman she thought about who would be able to use this odd collection of highly desirable items.

People with only one leg of course!

She bundled up the shoes and sent them off via her church group to the Leprosy Foundation, who sent them on to a group of amputees at a leper colony in India. They were delighted with the shoes.

It may interest you to know that whilst leprosy is only mildly contagious and treatable with antibiotics, over quarter of a million people are diagnosed each year and many people require surgery. This is mainly because of the stigma associated with the disease. Many people lose their limbs because they are afraid to seek treatment until it’s too late to save the affected limb.

I don’t suppose a trendy shoe will change someone’s life, but it did provide a little moment of pleasure in an otherwise grim situation. It also demonstrates that creative ideas are everywhere.


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