Inspiration for crafty types

Repeating pattern design, made by me.

Yesterday I watched a short tutorial on surface pattern design. These are patterns that can be used for wallpaper, on ceramics, fabric, or notepaper. On anything, really…

It’s not something that I’ve ever considered doing as a hobby because I thought that this kind of activity was reserved for creative people, and that certainly wasn’t the way I perceived myself until quite recently. I would go so far as to say that I have spent quite a lot of time avoiding any activities that involved ‘craft’ especially if it involved pre-schoolers.

I know – I’m a terrible mother!

I always preferred to read to my children or let them make a mess with soapy water in the kitchen sink. I wasn’t into cutting and pasting.

I quite enjoyed the introductory lesson which focussed on finding inspiration. This is a matter of taking notice of things that you like and collecting ideas and examples in one place. I figure this is not really so hard, given that even though I’m not very crafty, I do know what I like.

It made me think about how many creative pursuits I have avoided by seeing myself as a non-creative person. It made me think that it’s time to change, to try things and just see if I like them. I don’t have to be good at everything.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m giving it a whirl and I’ll post some of the results here and it might encourage you to go off and try something new yourself.

After watching the tutorial I set off in search of some blogs about pattern design and there are heaps of lovely ones. The anomis blog is good place to start.

p.s. I was searching around for an image to accompany this post and I didn’t want to steal anyone’s work so I thought I’d use a pattern I made a couple of years ago in my graphic design course. I’d actually forgotten that I’d done this until today. It was quite good fun as I remember, even though it did involve some cutting and pasting.


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