Creative nonfiction

It’s that time of year when you are forced to sit down and have a big think about where your life is at, what you’ve achieved in the last year, and what you want to do next.

The process is a bit uncomfortable, to be honest. When I look back at the past year I can see that there were some opportunities that I didn’t make the most of. There were occasions where I didn’t speak up when I should have, and there were times when I should have been a bigger person. By that I mean more generous and less small-minded about things.

But there are always two ways of looking at things. On the plus side, I took on a new role at work (more or less successfully) and I continued to write (somewhat sporadically) on my two blogs. I love blogging, but sometimes I feel less than confident about sharing my thoughts and ideas. It’s kind of a weird hobby I suppose.

This year I’d like to bring together some of my interests and set some small but achievable goals. I’d like to get past the daydreaming stage and actually do something. There are a few options…

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my main creative interests are writing and music. I’m particularly interested in writing creative nonfiction but the truth is that I’m pretty undisciplined when it comes to getting something actually down on paper. I briefly contemplated signing up for a writing course, but then I realized that I could just as easily develop my own course of study.

The value of doing a formal course is that you need to get your assignments finished by a certain date and I find this helpful. It always motivates me to get my act together. I work quite well under pressure.

I’m considering developing a course of my own that will be ready for launching by June. That’s a random due date, but it will work for me. It gives me a semester to get the content together.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. I’d appreciate your feedback.



2 thoughts on “Creative nonfiction

  1. Ketty says:

    I had to go and google ‘creative nonfiction’ – now I know what it is and it makes perfect sense indeed :-). I’d love to be better at writing, but I just don’t think that’s where my talent lies.. All the best for the new year.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks for your comment Ketty and sorry to have taken so long to respond. It hadn’t occurred to me that people might be a little unfamiliar with the term ‘creative nonfiction’ so it’s good to get that feedback.
    I think we’d all love to be better at writing but sometimes it can be quite hard to find just the right words.
    All the best in all your creative endeavours this year.

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