Blogging challenge: day nineteen

How do deadlines effect your creative flow? In the main, I find deadlines to be either highly conducive to creative output, or extremely threatening. It all depends what stage I am in the process.

If I am at the stage of having already formulated a plan of attack, then a deadline is a wonderful thing. If I have some ideas to work with, then I can quickly choose the best idea and run with that. Given a deadline, I find that I can rely on my gut feelings and they are usually pretty accurate. I don’t have time to worry about what other people will think and I just do whatever seems to be the best thing. I don’t agonise over whether it’s the best option. I am very pragmatic.

It’s a different story when I haven’t had any ideas at all. Then I tend to panic. I try so hard to have an idea that I end up with having none at all and even if I do make a decision I keep changing my mind.

I have had a few instances where I needed to write an essay and I’ve had a choice of topics. If the deadline is looming I just make a decision and do it. If I have a bit of time to think about it, I tend to shilly shally around and keep changing my mind. Clearly, having the luxury of time is not a good thing for me.

The only thing that saves me in this situation is dreaming. Sometimes I dream that I have come up with a brilliant idea and in the morning I feel more creative, even if the dream itself turns out to me a bunch of crap. It’s as if the dreaming process restores my self confidence, even if the idea is not mind blowing.

How do you respond to deadlines? Do they inspire you or defeat you?