A little dose of happiness

I was going to call this post “I’ve been bad” but I thought that sounded slightly flirtatious and a little bit coquettish and I certainly wasn’t after that effect. What I really wanted to say is that lately I’ve been breaking some of my own rules, especially at work, and I’m not proud of that.

I’ve been doing all the things I disapprove of including being negative about the organisation I work for and being negative about the future and my place in the world. I was feeling a bit unloved and unappreciated and this manifested by doing things like joining in with the gossipers and sometimes even adding some of my own gossip. It’s not really my style and I’m a bit ashamed of my behaviour, but it’s time to move on!

But today I’ve been thinking about agency. By that I mean the way we think about ourselves and the impact that we have on other people. I know in my heart that I’m influential. We’re all influential. We can make someone’s day with a kind word, and equally we can make people feel terrible with a thoughtless remark. It’s remarkably easy to affect other people.

Recently I’ve been listening to a podcast called The Good Life Project. The episode I listened to today featured Michelle Gielan, a CBS anchor turned positive psychologist researcher. She has some great suggestions about creating a fuller, richer and more positive life.

One idea I particularly like is to start your day by sending a positive email to someone you know. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact short is better otherwise it takes too long and gets to be a chore.

I’m going to start tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes.