Finding your inner purpose – part 2

This morning I jumped out of bed (well perhaps jumped is a bit of an overstatement), but I did rise fairly enthusiastically after a nice weekend off, and I found to my delight that I had a new subscriber who goes by the name of midimike. Thanks for subscribing Mike, I do find it genuinely thrilling!

Anyway, the point of this update is that Mike is a sound engineer and musician and it reminded me that one of my secret ambitions as a young person was to be a record producer or sound engineer. I have always loved playing and listening to music and it was my dream to be able to spend my working life involved with music in some way.

By the age of fifteen I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to make a living as a professional musician as I really didn’t have the talent and I didn’t practice nearly enough on any of the instruments that I played (guitar, piano and tenor horn). I figured that if I couldn’t be a musician I could work in the music industry in some capacity.

As a result, when I was in my third year at high school I organised to do work experience at the local radio station for a week. It was a bit naive of me to think that working at a radio station was in any way related to being in the music industry but you’ll have to remember that I was very young. It was pretty disappointing.

I spent the entire week learning how to make coffee.

I don’t think I even made it to the record library and I certainly didn’t get to select any play lists. This didn’t put me off and when I left school at the tender age of 15, I did manage to get a job as a film editing assistant with a local independent film producer and this in turn led to a pretty good career in the film industry.

So I guess in a round-about way I have achieved quite a few of my early dreams. The advent of digital technology means that anyone can be a film maker (or videographer) if they invest in a little bit of equipment and learn the skills. Equally, technology means that anyone can produce beautiful and/or interesting music.

My key message is that you really have no excuses for not having a go at anything that interests you. It’s relatively cheap to get started in any creative endeavour, you just need some time and energy to put your head down and teach yourself the skills. So what’s stopping you?


Slow motion beauty

A friend at work has been working on a slow motion video showing the construction of a house over the course of a day. The aim is to show how quickly and easily work can be completed if you use the proper equipment and plan your project. It’s a great way to explain something without words and it really works. It got me thinking about other ways that slow motion video can be used to explore interesting ideas.

This example by Dennis Hylnsky is a lovely example of what can be done with a simple idea and some time and patience.

I especially like the fact that Dennis has explained how he created this short film, including the precise techniques that he used. There’s something really mesmerising about this video. It’s very peaceful.