Is your unconscious brain sending you messages?

Last night I dreamt that I was at a creativity workshop. It was in a big space and there were lots of people there arranged in big circles of about ten or twelve people. We were doing an exercise where we had to talk to one another but we were only allowed to use medieval language. In other words we had to pretend that we were in some kind of Shakespearian play. I’m not sure if that’s how you spell Shakespearian but if I stop to look it up I’ll lose my train of thought and that would never do.

Anyway, I have no idea how talking like this promotes creativity, but it was hilarious and we were all having a lot of fun. As soon as I woke up I thought to myself, I know, I’ll run creativity workshops. That would be fun!

It’s actually not such a silly idea. I have done lots of training in my life so I know how to run workshops, even though, just between you and me, I am always slightly terrified when I’m standing out the front of a group, but aren’t we all? I have never met anyone who actually likes standing out the front and I imagine it is something that only an extreme extrovert would enjoy.

What on earth would you do in a creativity workshop and who would come? I did some reading about this and I think there is quite a big market for this. What do you think?

I started to think about what would stop people coming to a creativity workshop? What would make them come?

I think that people might be afraid that they would have to do embarrassing things in front of other people. When I used to teach a the local community college, most people were terrified if making a fool of themselves in one way or another. I would have to make sure that everyone knew that they would be in a safe environment and that nothing weird was going to happen. Also it would have to be a lot of fun.

What would make people come? Maybe they are like me and think that there is a tiny spark there and it just needs a bit of encouragement?

Last year I ran a course in presentation design. Nearly every single person who came to the course started off by telling me that they weren’t very creative, but they were pretty creative once they got started. The biggest hurdle was being brave enough to have a go, I find that once you start it gets easier.