Some people are just so creative

liquid nitrogen roses

liquid nitrogen roses (Photo credit: kasi metcalfe)

Today I thought I’d share two amazing links with you. I’ve chosen these because I think the people making them are clever and creative and brave. I’m sure that when they started out people probably thought they were just crazy, but hey just look at them now!

Exploding flowers

First cab off the rank is this incredible photographic feat

This guy drops the blossoms into liquid nitrogen to render them as fragile as eggs, after which he shoots them with an air gun from behind.

Sugar sculptures

Sugar Lab is run by Kyle and Liz, a husband and wife team of architects and designers. They make beautiful sugar sculptures using a 3D printer.

“We wanted to make our friend Chelsea a birthday cake, but we didn’t have an oven, so we decided to try to 3D print a cake instead.”

Check it out, it’s really amazing.

What do they have in common?

Apart from being really clever, both of these examples highlight the need to learn your craft. You can’t expect to be creative or innovative if you haven’t really honed your skills.  You need to understand more than the basics. You need to be highly skilled before you can launch yourself onto the world. I think a lot of people spend their time day dreaming about being mildly (or madly) famous when they should really be practising their craft.

I know that I have spent many hours looking for shortcuts, when I should have just spent the time slogging it out learning the basics. There are no shortcuts, so don’t be fooled by people who say that there is an easier way.

Whilst you should strive to be the best that you can be, don’t imagine that it’s an easy task. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for experience, so go forth and learn whatever it is you need to learn. If you put in enough effort, you will get a result.


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